Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I've been half looking for some fabric with clouds on it... I haven't found any I like... but I did come across these lovelies instead... they are all from fancymoon and they are just too good. Imagine dresses made out of these....argh


  1. Hello Sian:
    These fabrics are such fun. We can imagine them as perfect summer wear and the colours are very reminiscent of the 1950s!!

  2. Wouldn't a set of notebooks covered in these fabrics be a beautiful present? Only thinking that because I can't sew! I love the typewriter one and Frida's garden. X

    1. defo like the idea of covered notebooks! i'm not much of a sewer myself... so am limited to what i could make with them (bunting or a quilt - ha!).... oh, don't have any recipes for veggie burgers.. but am going to make it my mission to find a good one for you!!

    2. Hey I seem to remember you did very well in my sewing class! Hope you are still practising...

      I recently bought some of these fabrics, the typewriter one is just gorgeous isn't it? Unfortunately when I pre washed a whole load of new fabrics one of them ran pink all over em all inc my typewriters. Have managed to salvage most of them now, phew. Got lovely seed head one too, v fifties.

  3. Clocks is my fave but there's loads of nice ones here. x

  4. Love the typewriter fabric. I'd like a tunic made with it please! x

  5. Arghhh! I wish you hadn't posted this site! ;)
    There are so many things I want!

  6. That typewriter fabric has my name on it. I think it might be about time I got my sewing machine fixed. Yes.

  7. they are all absolutely perfect!


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