Thursday, 31 May 2012

pale pink, pale purple

I went to Ikea today to get some fabric for work. Today was not a good day for fabric in Ikea... sometimes they have amazing fabrics, but today, not so much - I got two spotty fabrics and I might try them again in a couple of weeks. They did have one fabric which I LOVED... but it was out of stock, boo! I'm going to have a look on line to see if I can find it.

The last thing we need in our cute little flat is another blanket or some glasses....

...oh, but when Ikea sells such pretty blankets and cups as these.. who can resist? the colours are dreamy.

I got these books today. I've read Eat Pray Love before and I loved it. I also love the film (hello Javier Bardem!). Anyway, I borrowed it from the library before and wanted my own copy... and the one next to it is written by one of the guy she met in italy named Luca Spaghetti (his real name). The yoga one next to it looks really good - can't wait to read it...I've been pretty obsessed with yoga this week.

A little while ago I bought this scarf from obellaorganics it's one of those circle/infinity scarves and I love it so much... here I am wearing it!

I also quite fancy this vest that she has for sale...

...maybe after a bit more yoga huh?


  1. Those cups are crying out for pink lemonade. Beautiful colours and design on that blanket - you can NEVER have enough blankets.
    I like scarves, but my neck is short and I never feel right in them - you look lovely in yours, yoga babe!

    Lucy x

  2. We have officially banned all glass buying. We have so so so many! I don't know if I could have desired those either! Just dreamy!


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