Monday, 28 May 2012


Quinoa! what are your thoughts on quinoa? my main thought is that it's not as yummy as couscous, but it is way better for you! why? because couscous is wheat based and quinoa contains iron and calcium and is a complete protein! yes! and I don't really know what that means... but it does feel lighter to eat... and actually it does taste good and a little nutty. Maybe I just need to eat more of it....

But what to make with it? I went with roasted vegetables and quinoa. I roasted red peppers, red onion, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. I roasted them in canola oil and sprinkled smoked paprika and salt over the top, when they were nearly done I crushed some garlic and mixed that in too. Once it was all cooked I added the cooked quinoa and lots and lots of fresh parsley.

this is it catching the sun...

ate it with brocolli cooked with sesame oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce
and the chick pea dip from yesterday.

What else could you make?
looking online it mainly seems that people make salads out of quinoa... but over on the awesome (again) you could make....

quinoa cloud cookies!

quinoa with tempeh and mushrooms

big bowl of quinoa with potatoes, nuts, asparagus and lots of other good things.
really, go look at  Heidi's website... so much good stuff.

day off today... am just looking on the internet and drinking coffee (have eaten my cereal and blueberries with almond milk - be impressed - I am, as a rule, not a cereal eater) and will be going for a swim as soon as my costume dries... (damp swimming costumes just take me back to childhood and swimming club - maybe I should just buy a second swimming costume).
the sun is still out today! am going to meet a friend later for coffee in the park and maybe a bit of yoga this evening.


  1. How very healthy! I weaned Ricky on Quinoa and Amaranth. I used to mix it with puréed plums and orange juice. Sometimes oats too.
    Not much of a fan myself, but I haven't experimented much, and I'm not a fussy eater at all, so I'm sure I could find something to do with it.
    I'm making a pile of coriander pesto tonight. I've started roasting cauliflower ever since I read about you doing it. I plaster it in olive oil and sprinkle on Garam Masala (made by my Indian friend, much nicer than shop bought) and have the coriander pesto with it. Lovely, especially when the cauli has gone slightly brown and sweet.
    I could talk about food all day!

    I've got a lovely swimming cossie - I'll send it to you (unless you're a bit 'eurgh' about 2nd hand swimwear, I know lots of people are).

    Lucy x

  2. roasted cauliflower is a revelation! i love that ricky was weaned on quinoa... i am not completely sold on it, but found that M&S do a ready cooked bag of it which is pretty good.
    i would totally take a swimming cossie! aren't you going to be needing it though??x

  3. No, I have plenty, I will send it ASAP, think I have your address.

  4. Heidi site 101 cookbooks is fab.

    Like you I did not find Quinoa that agreeable, but here are some Parsnip Quinoa Burgers I made that converted me.
    Please do Try it. Its vegan too.

    1. thanks shaheen, i'll definitely try it.x

  5. quinoa cookies? i'm interested!


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