Monday, 14 May 2012

sneaky afternoon off

I feel like I have been in work A LOT recently (including the last two weekends), so today I decided to have the afternoon off. On the way home from work I nipped in to Marks and Spencers for afternoon off essentials - red wine, bloody mary flavour crisps (which I am delighted by and repelled by in equal measures), and this really amazing roasted butternut squash dip they've started doing.

So, sofa afternoon of reading (got 'Lilac Mines' on the go at the moment), watching bad tv and listening to music just like this....

(on an unrelated note I have the worst eczema on my right hand at the moment - I'd show you a picture, but it's far too gross - any tips other than never washing up again?)


  1. Hello Sian:
    Yes, the perfect antidote to too much work - the afternoon at leisure. And, you certainly know how to treat yourself in style, especially the Bloody Mary flavoured crisps......that does seem a long way from plain salted!!!

    We hope that you have had a most enjoyable time and that the red wine has flowed freely!

  2. Hi Sian,

    Hope you enjoyed your wine/book/crisp/dip afternoon. Hooray for peace and relaxation
    My boys have eczema all over, I only get it on my hands. Try argan oil. My parents bought some back from Morocco, I hated the taste, so used it on my skin. It's great for hair too.
    For any infected or very raw patches, I recommend Eumovate. Only on prescription. Cotton gloves under rubber gloves with loads of sudocrem and boiling washing up water (to help it absorb) is also a good trick.

    Lucy x

  3. I was just writing a commment & it dissapeared! bugger!
    Your afternoon sounds nice! And bloody mary crisps!! yum!
    Sorry about your eczema, try coconut oil on it, its really good for your skin

  4. Or use it as an excuse to make Bert do all the washing up! ha!

  5. Bloody Mary flavoured crisps! I'm confused and fascinated all at the same time.


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