Thursday, 24 May 2012

some good things

I continue to obsess over the new Beach House album. I particularly like this song:

I have discovered that you can get 'Labyrinth', 'The Last Unicorn' and 'Hellboy' perfume oils from here

the 'Hellboy' one smells of aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone and cat. Which sounds wonderful!

the jareth perfume oil smells of' 'Ethereal lilac fougere (?) and gleaming leather with ti leaf, tonka absolute, white musk and oudh'
yep, gleaming leather
I've started reading this:
it's written by Jenny Lawson who blogs here... she got a book deal based on her blog. where's my book deal? aren't we all going to get book deals? I'm not sure what I'd write about in my book though.....what would your book based on your blog be about?  So far Jenny hasn't listed her favourite things once!


  1. Hello Sian:
    Well, the perfumes sound absolutely too good to miss. How can we possibly live without the smell of gleaming leather around the house? Our lives will surely be the richer for it! By the way, does it come with a David Bowie look alike in the box....we are beyond excited thinking that it might!!!!

    1. that WOULD be good!! it does come 'Presented in an amber apothecary vial' if that helps....

  2. How DID you discover these scents? I've always like the word 'fougere' ever since I won a tin of half-used talc at the church jumble sale.

    Indeed, where are our book deals? I guess my book would be about the nothingness that happens in my life - gret hook, don't you think?

    Lucy x

  3. Rah! Me and my mum had a bit of a thing for Jareth the goblin king and his obscenely tight tights! Not sure if I want to smell like him though...

    Yes - where IS my book deal damn it?! Mine would be about stuff everyone else likes and I kind of do and then get bored of... Or possibly my life as a ghost hunter and charlatan shower-upper.

  4. dya know what? if anyone got book deals it would be lucy and lakota. totally.

  5. oh and robbie and rayner would get craft book deals... and claire would get one about cats. and then i would be happy.x


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