Friday, 11 May 2012

sticky fingers' sweets by doron petersan

Bert got me a new vegan baking book!

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and so I looked at it and I knew I wanted to make sticky buns... or cinammon swirls... because I kind of miss things like that as a vegan...

and so I put aside two days of my life (really, you need two days, mix stuff, let it prove for 20 mins, mix stuff, let it rise for an hour, mix stuff, leave it overnight, roll out and slice, let prove for an hour and then bake!) and I made them. Actually, even though at one point it said to leave overnight... I just kind of left it for about 7 hours... which I think is probably the same.

Here they are! hello sticky buns!

oh gosh! nice huh?
I did have a couple of issues with the recipe (although they turned out delish), at the beginning it says about mix together and leave the ingredients to bubble, bubble? my mixture was solid! and then it asked for a particular amount of flour which seemed to be about a cup and a half too much - so I left that bit out, and then at the end for the icing it called for 3 cups of sugar when one and a half seemed to do.  

I shall let you know about my further sticky fingers adventures... I have my eye on the whoopie pie chapter.


  1. if it's any consolation, I made a non-vegan batch which turned out to be a labour of love. I got my measurements wrong, ended up with about 40 whirls, and Rob is now 'off' cinnamon for life.
    I ground around 5 large cinnamon sticks to make the butter, and the taste was very over-powering.

    We really enjoyed the first dozen...

    Yours look much better than mine did (and mine 'bubbled'!

    Have a fab weekend

    Lucy x

    1. lucy! oh no! while i was making this over the many hours, I kept wondering if it was going to be worth it!
      look at you showing off with your 'bubbling' and your cinammon sticks!!x

  2. it may have been a yeast thing? maybe? idk. i suck at baking.

  3. Hi Sian, I'm just taking a look back through your blog and had to comment on a couple posts. I'm glad you attempted the sticky buns from your new cookbook. I used to live very close to Sticky Fingers in Washington DC (dangerous!) and always chose their signature sticky buns over any of their cupcakes (which they are now more famous for since winning the tv show 'Cupcake Wars' -- which I only know about from my DC Facebook friends since I don't have a tv). They also did these great cream filled cookies, I think called Cowvin bars. If the cookbook has that recipe, give them a try.


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