Thursday, 28 June 2012

books - we have always lived in the castle and richard brautigan and more

I haven't written much about books recently... I put everything over on goodreads and then kind of forget about writing about what i've been reading here.

There's quite a few books that I've recently enjoyed....

I really enjoyed a couple of yoga books - 'Poser: a Memoir in 23 poses' by Claire Dederer and 'Yoga Bitch' by Suzanne Morrison.... and I've got a couple more yoga books to read too.

I just finished 'We have always lived in the Castle' by Shirley Jackson which was quite something - two sisters living in an old house away from everyone - all pretty gothic and witchy and odd and ripe for turning into a film by Tim Burton or Wes Anderson!

Bert bought me the book 'Happy Home' by Jennifer Paganelli which is a really pretty craft book which has some nice projects like making ruffled cushions and pretty pillowcases (tho am not sure who would want to hot glue a million fake flowers on to a box for one of the projects).

Yesterday me and Bert went halves on the new Richard Brautigan biography (just in case you don't know Brautigan he was an amazing writer - one of my faves - who wrote quirky, cute, fun and sad novels with great titles and awesome covers, in the 60s and 70s) which is 800 pages long!!
am pretty excited about reading it as you can see here:

how big is it? Sadie demonstrates here....

(a guity pleasure bookwise has been Tori Spelling's memoirs - really)
So.... what ya reading? any suggestions for me? obviously I won't be able to get around to them til the autumn what with the Brautigan going on.... but would really appreciate it anyways!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

wedding quilt

yep, already mentioned that I went to a wedding on the weekend. I was meant to have made this quilt by then but it didn't quite happen... am going to be super quick with it and finish it by the weekend and send it on. Here are a few details.....

the felt patches cover the mistakes. it's my thing.

the wood effect material on the right is the back of the quilt...

(am linking up with ta-dah tuesday, why aren't you?)
(and I'm linking up with my creative space too)

Monday, 25 June 2012

a wedding

we went to a lovely wedding on the weekend. I didn't take that many pictures of the bride and groom (and not sure if they'd be up for sharing anyway!) so here are a few little details of the day....

also, bert's mum gave me a dress from her shop. it is beautiful, but none of the pictures we took did it justice. this one is as good as it gets.

Friday, 22 June 2012


so, do you know about craftivism?
actually, i've already mentioned it here.... but for loads more information go to their website right here where you can see all the amazing things that they do (i LOVE their new tomato jam project highlighting world hunger).
anyway...where I work there is an exhibition on at the moment about refugees and asylum seekers and one of the aims of the exhibition is to raise awareness of asylum seekers and refugees in the uk. I mean I didn't know that an ayslum seeker is someone who has come to a country and asked for asylum and is waiting for an answer as to if they can stay, and a refugee is someone who has been allowed to stay and is in need of protection. Refugees no longer get indefinite leave to remain and may have to have their case reviewed after five years - this means, that the life they have managed to build over the five years could be completely disrupted. When asylum seekers arrive in the UK and are waiting to here if their application is successfull (which can take a long time) they are not allowed to work but are provided with a card (rather than cash) which can only be used in certain shops and gives them £35 a week.

anyway, lesson over - let's look at some pictures! The Craftivist Collective says

'We want to show people that making people aware of the injustices and poverty in the world can be fun as well as empowering. It doesnt have to be stressful or elitest. Anyone can be a craftivist whatever their skill or understanding.'

(the above pictures are from a session held in St Fagans: National History Museum)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

roasted tomatoes and polenta

this looks a bit odd.
it could be a dessert... and apparently you can eat polenta as a dessert if you deep fry it and cover it in sugar.
this, though is polenta drenched in nutritional yeast flakes then fried and lovely sweet roasted baby tomatoes.
i had it for breakfast yesterday.
and then i had another lot for lunch.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

cool for you

I think this is the best cover of a book I have EVER seen.
the title, the font, the crochet blanket, the slighlty seedy kitchen, the girl, her stance and the whisky and cigarette - it just screams glamour!
or maybe it's just me.

anyway, am reading the latest book by Eileen Myles....

...she is such a great writer. This book is described as a 'poet's novel', but it's more like a memoir set in 70s New York City.

I got to reading Myles through reading Michelle Tea as Tea often cites her as an influence....
and I got to reading Michelle Tea when I was in San Francisco and kept seeing her books everywhere.
I love it when it all links up.

little bags

hey there! it was my niece Gwenno's fourth birthday party last sunday. Me and Bert popped along for the craft segment of the festivities.

Here's what we made!

 they made Bert dress up like this.
it's quite a good look for him i think.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

karen elson

I really love these photos of Karen Elson taken by Tom Craig in Texas for UK Vogue.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

sunday music - over the weekend by scary mansion

bert puts this song on every mix cd he makes - and you can see why - it's AMAZING! and weird and magical and just right. I love the way it starts - it seems to go right into the song.

Leah Hayes of Scary Mansion also draws and has a graphic novel out called 'Funeral of the Heart' - so she is pretty much a genius.

It's sunday and am sleepy - bert is cooking pasta, I am watching Ugly Betty... what ya up to?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

moonrise kingdom

so lovely.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

my new favourite book - pezzettino by leo lionni

I found this book at our local arts centre and couldn't resist it.
It's called Pezzettino (which means 'little piece' in Italian) and was originally published in 1975 by Leo Lionni.

it's the story of pezzettino (the orange square on the left) who is so small that he thinks he must be a part of something else.

so Pezzettino travels around asking different people like 'the one who runs' and 'the strong one' if he belongs to them - 'am I your little piece?'

but it turns out, that no, he is not their little piece... later in the story he goes to visit the wise one, who tells him to visit the island of Wham (yes, really). So he goes to the island and climbs around looking for the answer, but no one is there. He falls down a mountain and breaks into lots of little pieces!
So he is indeed made of little pieces like all the others. He goes home in his boat and his friends are waiting for him.

'I am myself!' he shouted full of joy.
His friends didn't quite understand what he meant,
but Pezzettino seemed happy, and so they were happy too.'

passports for little ones

We have an exhibition on at work about refugees and asylum seekers.. and I ran some art sessions around the theme. I thought that refugees might be a bit of a tough one for the under eights, so I kind of went with flags and maps and little passports asking the children where their families were from. I bought some postage stamps online that the children could add to their passports and all in all it worked quite well.

 I made almost 500 of these passports... and there are a few left owing to a quiet week over half term (the weather was totally crazy a few of those days, and as we are primarily an open air museum, the weather has a big effect)

I really love the last page of the passport where the children draw self portraits

rather awesome drawing here...

this little girl made quite the effort! she also had blue lips and teeth after drinking blue soda-pop.

this little girl would like to take her baby cousin (not a monkey as I first thought) Maisie with her if she had to move away.

so, you know, passports are great. I need to get mine renewed too...


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