Wednesday, 20 June 2012

cool for you

I think this is the best cover of a book I have EVER seen.
the title, the font, the crochet blanket, the slighlty seedy kitchen, the girl, her stance and the whisky and cigarette - it just screams glamour!
or maybe it's just me.

anyway, am reading the latest book by Eileen Myles....

...she is such a great writer. This book is described as a 'poet's novel', but it's more like a memoir set in 70s New York City.

I got to reading Myles through reading Michelle Tea as Tea often cites her as an influence....
and I got to reading Michelle Tea when I was in San Francisco and kept seeing her books everywhere.
I love it when it all links up.


  1. i love that big round pappasan chair! i may give these both a shot. they sound like they'rte right up my alley.


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