Friday, 22 June 2012


so, do you know about craftivism?
actually, i've already mentioned it here.... but for loads more information go to their website right here where you can see all the amazing things that they do (i LOVE their new tomato jam project highlighting world hunger).
anyway...where I work there is an exhibition on at the moment about refugees and asylum seekers and one of the aims of the exhibition is to raise awareness of asylum seekers and refugees in the uk. I mean I didn't know that an ayslum seeker is someone who has come to a country and asked for asylum and is waiting for an answer as to if they can stay, and a refugee is someone who has been allowed to stay and is in need of protection. Refugees no longer get indefinite leave to remain and may have to have their case reviewed after five years - this means, that the life they have managed to build over the five years could be completely disrupted. When asylum seekers arrive in the UK and are waiting to here if their application is successfull (which can take a long time) they are not allowed to work but are provided with a card (rather than cash) which can only be used in certain shops and gives them £35 a week.

anyway, lesson over - let's look at some pictures! The Craftivist Collective says

'We want to show people that making people aware of the injustices and poverty in the world can be fun as well as empowering. It doesnt have to be stressful or elitest. Anyone can be a craftivist whatever their skill or understanding.'

(the above pictures are from a session held in St Fagans: National History Museum)


  1. Ive just chosen to do my dissertation on something to do with craftivism, Im so excited to start researching!!

  2. oo that should be good! there's lots of great stuff going on!


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