Saturday, 2 June 2012


I wrote the other day about a Eurovision party that I went to and wondered if everyone all over the world got to enjoy the wonders of Eurovision. It seems they do not. So I'm going to tell you about it.

Eurovision is a song contest for countries in Europe and countries in the european broadcasting union (whatever that is). Each country submits a song and then the other countries vote for their favourite with the winner getting to host the competition the next year!

It has been going since 1956! ABBA won it in 1974 and Celine Dion in 1988! Celine won it for Switzerland for some reason....

And what is the music like? well... think Celine Dion/ABBA cross really - you either get a ballad or some kind of europop, there are usually some fantastic outfits, dance routines and glitter.

This year Sweden won....

it was our favourite too..
Sadly the UK came one but last! oops. 'our' entry was sung by Englebert Humperdink! it was! here it is....

....on first listen it sounds a bit meh.. but then, it totally gets in your head! go on! listen to it twice!!

The whole show lasts about 3 or so hours on tv... and they also show the two semi final shows as well (two hours each), so you get to see the songs that didn't make it through... I was sad that this song didn't make it....

So, there you go, a little taste of the wonders of Eurovision... We all had a great time at our eurovision party that my friend Rhys organised... we took it very seriously and marked each entry too... and drank lots of cava.
I hope this makes you want to watch it next year! hee.


  1. I liked Sweden's entry too, and Russia's made me chuckle. Too much make-up on one lady (maybe Spain).

  2. russia was a bit too david lynch for me....

  3. I'm so glad you've explained this! I had no idea what anyone was talking about! I did see the infamous jedward video. It was awful. Lol.


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