Friday, 1 June 2012

friday favourite things

Hi friday.
I have the weekend off and so does bert! woo hoo.
Here are a few pretty things I've come across this week....

I like this little shrug from here, but my stylist (Bert) says it's a bit much....

oh! look at that little Totoro ring! (from here)

Love this necklace which I saw on pinterest right here
It would look great with a cute floaty dress at a festival.

love this photo of wicca type jars of herbs and dried things.
(photo credit)

do you have a tattoo?
I love the matching ones above
(image credit)

and the line one below - it's like Devendra Banhart's one.
(image credit)

I haven't been making much at home recently... but have made these little passports for children to fill in for work.

they definitely have a homey style.....

In other news I have been watching 'Hart of Dixie' and 'Revenge' on tv , watched the film 'Win Win', and have been reading 'On Photography' by Susan Sontag...
oh and today I got a lovely package in the post from Lucy - she sent me a super fancy swimming costume after hearing my sad tale of having only one costume and having to put it on damp...
but now I have two! and the one she sent is way more glamorous than the black speedo I already have, those old guys in the steam room won't know what's hit them.


  1. I love devnendras arm lines. I'll never be cool enough for a tattoo.

  2. Awe, those passports are so sweet! :D And I agree about that gorgeous necklace; so much color! :P


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