Wednesday, 13 June 2012

my new favourite book - pezzettino by leo lionni

I found this book at our local arts centre and couldn't resist it.
It's called Pezzettino (which means 'little piece' in Italian) and was originally published in 1975 by Leo Lionni.

it's the story of pezzettino (the orange square on the left) who is so small that he thinks he must be a part of something else.

so Pezzettino travels around asking different people like 'the one who runs' and 'the strong one' if he belongs to them - 'am I your little piece?'

but it turns out, that no, he is not their little piece... later in the story he goes to visit the wise one, who tells him to visit the island of Wham (yes, really). So he goes to the island and climbs around looking for the answer, but no one is there. He falls down a mountain and breaks into lots of little pieces!
So he is indeed made of little pieces like all the others. He goes home in his boat and his friends are waiting for him.

'I am myself!' he shouted full of joy.
His friends didn't quite understand what he meant,
but Pezzettino seemed happy, and so they were happy too.'

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  1. the pictures all look like little quilts! so inspiring!


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