Tuesday, 12 June 2012

works in progress (or - I must finish these things)

I haven't done much sewing recently... and I've got so many things that I am in the middle of.... I MUST finish some of them!!

this is almost done - just a tiny bit of quilting left and then the binding.

I quite like the colours on it....

I quite like the thought of using just a couple of fabrics... this quilt is right in the early stages....

a brown hexagon quilt out of my mum's old curtains - again, early stages

this is just a little scrappy quilt which I am going to keep adding to to use up scraps... I predict that this one will take years!

I want to make a quilt for some friends that are getting married. I may not have enough time, in which case they can have the pink quilt in the first picture, but if I can get it together, the fabric above will be the backing and the fabrics in the pictures below will be the patchwork top.

I thought I'd keep the top quite simple so I can run it up on the machine... so just scrappy squares.

I like the soft colours. I do not like my alien feet.

the ideas pile.... I find it so strange how colours and designs fit together in quilts... it doesn't seem to be the same in painting....
I'll add more pictures as these progress..... also am linking up with Lakota's ta-dah tuesday... tho am not wholly sure what am showing off...my laziness? my inability to finish things? yep.


  1. Hi, love your patchwork quilts. The hexagon one is lovely and so is the scrap one what a great idea ;-) Your fabics and colours are gorgeous. I have just popped over from Faith Hope and Chairty. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  2. They're all really lovely, but I especially like the little cat amidst the brown squares and the scrap one is gorgeous. You're prolific, even if you've got lots to finish!

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. looking at all your lovely quilt project really make me want to start quilting too. Love your choice of fabrics x

  4. my head is going to explode. too many perfect prints. you're so good at matching them up!

  5. I so don't have the patience for patchwork. I love the first hexagon one, and also the selection of fabrics for your getting married friends is a great colour combination. Thanks for following over on Thrift Bee, you won't see much patchwork over there!


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