Tuesday, 31 July 2012

books i read in july....

we-ell... I am still working through the epic Richard Brautigan biography... but I took little breaks and also read....

Q: a novel by Evan Mandery
I bought this because I thought it looked fun and it was described as 'Time Traveller's Wife rewritten by Woody Allen' and as my love for Woody outweighs my dislike for the time traveller's wife, I went for it. The beginning was great, funny,smart and witty and filled with time travel... but then the second half lost it a bit for me and I was glad to finish it. The back of the book said 'A word to the tear-prone: don't attempt to read the ending in public'... but I wasn't even close to crying and I cry at anything....

Wonder by R.J.Palacio
This has a great cover....but I wasn't too excited about what was inside. I feel a bit mean because the idea of the book is great - it's about a boy with a facial deformity who has been homeschooled, but then at age 10 goes to school - it just didn't really ring true for me and I did find it a little bit of a struggle to finish. I just found it maybe a little cliched - boy goes to school, gets picked on and then wins the bullies over (I think the wonderful 'Stargirl' did this better), but saying that I think a child would get a lot out of this - be kind to everyone!

Adorkable by Sarra Manning
Oh gosh, this was fun! It's a book for young adults about a dorky, blogging girl and a hot, popular guy who don't have anything in common, but can't stop snogging! ha!

The Cut-Throat Celts by Terry Deary
I read this to get up to speed on the Celts before I made those shields from the previous post. Did anyone want to talk to me about the Celts? no, but a child did want to talk to me about the Romans! gahhh

Dare Me By Megan Abbott
This is dark and bitchy and about cheerleaders.... reminded me of The Secret History by Donna Tartt a bit, or maybe Mean Girls.....

August tomorrow! Summer reading begins!


  1. I just got Adorkable out of the library - not started it yet though. And I like the sound of Dare Me.

    1. ha! hope you like it! it's pretty ridiculous.... but fun!


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