Friday, 6 July 2012

capes and shawls

I am a big fan of capes.
and am pretty much in love with scarves and shawls.
here are some of my recent finds which I would very much like....
I have actually bought two of them... and am in talks about a third! (ha!)

I love the colours of this one, mustard = win

a super pretty sheer cape

love this! it's a cape/shawl combo. love the fringe too

super snuggly for winter - this is called a 'heart of gold' cape so you could sing neil young while wearing it.

gah! delicious!! too much?

this is lovely too - a victorian style cloak with pretty fabric

this is one of the more practical ones i think. i would defo wear this

a fox cape. with detachable ears.

a super nice op art 60s cape. like the colours here too.
which one do you like best?


  1. that one with the hearts is just perfect! (i mean they're all incredible. any cape is a good cape.)

  2. I really love that heart one! It looks so cozy!


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