Wednesday, 25 July 2012

charles shearer

When I went to visit ma and pa for the weekend, we went to Moma Wales in Machynlleth where they were showing work by Charles Shearer.

I hadn't heard of Shearer before, but he has illustrated quite a few book covers, so I'm sure I must have come across him at some point.  I LOVED his prints! they were so beautiful, and he also showed some sketchbooks and little arrangements of stones and objects.

The prints, to me, look quite 1950s in style... but then I found out that Shearer was only born in 1956 so I was way off!

Anyway, here are some images, what do you think?

image credit

image credit

image credit


  1. They do have that scratchy linear sort of 50s vibe, I like them.

    Your blog is looking very pretty too, been meaning to say.

  2. Hello Sian:
    How interesting this is and what splendid examples of Charles Shearer's work. A very dear friend of ours, Elizabeth Organ, who very sadly died a couple of years ago but was rewarded with a full page obituary in the Guardian, for many years ran the Kilvert Gallery in Clyro on the Welsh Border where she frequently showed Shearer's work. Such a small world!

    1. they are lovely prints... i'll have a look on the internet for more information about elizabeth organ.

  3. i love the cubist style of that 2nd one.


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