Sunday, 22 July 2012

donnnie and joe emerson

yes, it does look good doesn't it?

bertie was pretty excited about it!
he bought it from Spillers because the cover was so good!

This album by Donnie and Jo Emerson was originally relased in 1979 when they were aged 17 and 19. Their father who was a farmer and logger built them a recording studio on their land, as well as buying (and leasing) instruments for them! what a great dad!

The Emersons didn't have a distributor or anything for their record, so they just drove around the area trying to sell it... the record didn't become a hit. ... but ,quite recently, someone found it in a thrift store! and released it! and it's amazing!! Ariel Pink says that

"'Baby' has been a staple on just about every playlist/mixtape I've assembled in the past 3 years. It is nothing short of sublime."

'Baby' is my favourite song too! it kind of has a bit too much bass, and the vocals are a little muffly, the words are a little funny, and yet it is also really beautiful and I can't stop listening to it!

what do you think? let me know!

Here's the song....

and here's a short documentary about the Emerson's


  1. I could happily spend all day in Spillers.Pre-kids I frequently did!
    Hope to meet up with you during the summer hols, I'll let you know days I'm free. x

  2. p.s it's beautiful! I was expecting pure cheese, but I loved it in a genuine way.

  3. omigosh. love it. we're totally on the same musical wavelength. always. <3


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