Thursday, 5 July 2012


Recently I've been eating wheat free food in the week....

rice ball snack from Marks and Spencer - yum

carrot sticks, tomatoes, hummous and oatcakes - all a bit 70s looking...

wheat free bread, cabbage and chick peas and roasted vegetables...

and then on the weekends - pasta!

....and sticky buns....
it's going well.. it means I have to think a bit more about what to eat in the week - lots of salads, tofu, quinoa and vegetables and I feel healthier for it. Do you have any yummy wheat free vegan recipes? I need more ideas!


  1. I thought about sending you a wheat free vegan treat but the perils of sending food across the wrold and that it doesn't QUITE meet Kestrel's criteria has stopped me. Might tuck in a recipe or two though :)

  2. My friend Clare eats a wheat and gluten free diet (not vegan though). She made me the most delicious bowl of porridge when I stayed at hers recently (she's coming over tonight, so I 'll get the recipe). It had pears, cinnamon and various grains in it. I was full from 9am until 1pm after eating it - unheard of for me!

  3. oh mrs c! you are so sweet! a recipe tucked in would be great!! and lucy! hello! porridge sounds yum!! i often struggle with porridge as it always seems to much cooking first thing (pathetic i know)

  4. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via Drop Dead Cute's blog and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

  5. Those M&S rice balls are one of my current food obsessions. Think I like the purple ones best... I'm a veggie and struggle with wheat too. I feel like a right fussy old cow when I go to people's houses for food so I end up eating pasta, bread whatever and then I suffer BAD the next day. The Sainsbury's Free From bread in the see through pack is the best I've found btw. X


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