Wednesday, 11 July 2012

my small life...

the big news is that I have a glue gun, or rather my work self has a glue gun and I mainly glued bits of cardboard together today to make iron age shields. The glue gun part was incredibly satisfying.

otherwise....I have been working on some art projects (will show you images when they are done), working on a quilt, pub quizzing, having coffee with friends, reading that freaking great Richard Brautigan biography (am round about on page 300 of 800 odd), watching movies, and generally being addicted to pinterest.

pretty picture found on pinterest here

a really sweet kitty tattoo found on pinterest here

I've had a cough for over month... bert says I can have a teen book if I get rid of my cough, so am working on that.

I've been doing lots of yoga (and my arms are covered in bruises thanks to crow pose) and have been reading about yoga too. Am reading a book about yoga which I am enjoying and yet was quite thrown when the guy started quoting from the film 'moonstruck'.

I ordered a gorgeous necklace from Roots and Feathers. I love it and it feels like it's really me.

Sadie-cat has been cute, Bert has been cute. Everything is ticking along fine.
what have you been up to?


  1. Moonstruck is such a profound movie! Full of quotable wisdoms. It's almost poetic. And I am going to get a copy, thank you for reminding me how much I love it!
    AND I got your parcel yesterday!! SOOOOOO exciting! So many things to squeal and swoon over, thank you so much!! I hope the reciprocal one makes you as happy :)

  2. Love that necklace you bought!


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