Saturday, 21 July 2012

sewing swap

I took part in a sewing swap that was organised by kestrel finds and makes (I initially found Kestrel by taking part in one of Lakota's swaps - oh and by the way Lakota, we watched St Elmo's Fire the other night - thank you!! it was great!)

Anyway, I was paired up with Maryanne (or Mrs C) who blogs over at The Hectic Eclectic and lives in New Zealand. I hadn't seen Mrs C's blog before, so thanks Kestrel for linking us up and it had added glamour what with our swap being international! Pop over to Mrs C's blog for crafty tips, sewing, knitting, pictures of her shop (sigh) and lots of awesome pictures of her in a top hat.

This is what I got in my swap....

I had actually lost my little pair of scissors, so was super glad when a pair showed up! the threads are just my colours and match with loads of my fabrics. I love the little buttons in the shape of needles and thread (bert will probably steal some of them, he is crazy for buttons).

The spotty ribbons are so pretty and I love the green trim!

there were also two cross stitch kits (I have been doing some cross stitch of late!)
one is a christmas card which I'll make for my mum (mum? maybe pretend you haven't read that bit)
and the other is a bookmark. The bookmark has the image of a New Zealand fern on it - part of the swap 'rules' were to send something that showed where you were from - I sent a lame Wales patch as I couldn't find anything else - sorry about that Mrs C!

It was so lovely getting my package filled with crafty goodies, thank you so much Maryanne and Kestrel!

This is what I sent....

you can read all about it on Maryanne's blog just here


  1. Sian your blog is looking lovely! The header is gorgeous. Sewing swap looks great, only wish I could sew, but I'm totally rubbish! x

  2. Yay!!! So pleased you like the bits and bobs. The thread is organic cotton which I started with, as it is made without pesticides and poisons so very vegan principled :) The Christmas card features the Kowhai (the wh is pronounced like an f) which is a native tree with these gorgeous drippy yellow flowers on it. The fern one is considered a bit kitcshy here like the Welsh dragon is to you, but I LOVE my dragon! Funny how others appreciate our stuff more than we do! hehehe.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the swap! Love those spotty ribbons.


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