Tuesday, 17 July 2012

wales blog awards/ta-dah tuesday/simple weaving

today I entered the wales blog awards...and you should too if you live in wales or are welsh (am not totally sure of the rules....). I entered my own blog myself (is that odd?) and I also entered it under the 'lifestyle' category, which makes me feel way more glamorous than I am.

Otherwise... I'm working on some ideas for summer activities in work - inspired by this image....

and this one....

I've been trying out some simple weaving....

I like it! simple to do too! anyone got any easy weaving ideas that I could try out with little ones? 

I also have an annoying ear-ache type affair where my head feels spacey and swampy and the only comfortable position (for my ear) is to hold my head at a 90 degree angle.... sometimes I just pretend I'm looking at things intently at an angle. That's lifestyle blogging for you.

Am linking up with faith hope and charity shopping's ta-dah tuesday!

oh also, I got my swap from Mrs C today! thank you Mrs C! I'll do a post once I've got a good picture. I also want to tell you about a beautiful exhibition I saw by Charles Shearer, what I've been reading, some new art stuff I've been working on, and music by Donnie and Jo Emerson....


  1. Wow that was so quick! And I m so relieved as I did risk not meeting Kesterl's dedline :) I'm taking my ackage to work today to photograph it too so we can commite simultaneous blogpost about swapsies!
    I love the little weavings and I remember doing such things as a child. Also love the circle one, reminds me of making God's Eyes using two skewers, but that is way cooler. :)

  2. Very interesting images! And getting things in the mail rocks! :P

    Hope you're having a great week!

  3. Is that cupcake wrapper weaving? How interesting, never seen that before. I remember weaving a little stripey rug for my doll's house at an art gallery in Swansea when I was little but am afraid I can't remember how we did it!

    Do you need another nomination? Can we vote yet?

    1. ha, thanks lakota! i'll let you know when voting begins!!
      it's paper plate weaving - i tried it yesterday and it was pretty simple (tho time consuming)....

  4. Hi! Good luck in the blog awards! hope your ear problem gets sorted xx

  5. Very cool, weaving is one of the few things I haven't tried out yet! Do you recommend it?


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