Sunday, 15 July 2012

the weekend

we've been to aberystwyth to visit my mum and dad this weekend. how nice! I didn't really check my phone or any internet sites and we had nice food went shopping and read.

I don't really have any photos though, other than my cup of coffee at a cafe in Machynlleth....

coffee out is the best thing ever....

...and me being pretty happy about my coffee...
I'm enjoying the Richard Brautigan biography, but I needed a break... I tried a couple of books before going for 'Q: A Love Story' by Evan Mandery, which so far (page 70) am really enjoying, we bought some other books in Aberystwyth too.. there's a really good bookshop up in the arts centre in Aberystwyth if you are ever there.

we are really happy to be home with Sadie-cat! oh my gosh we missed her grumpy little face!
now i'm watching the cooking channel, drinking white wine and eating popcorn and Bert has gone out pub quizzing.

I have lots of things to tell you! oh yes! books, art, food, music.....

what did you do this weekend?


  1. Good morning! It's Monday morning here and I'm taking a break from morning madness :) We unpacked boxes of yarn and put them out, had a coat making class in shop all weekend which was lovely, and watched lots of Blue Murder on DVD, which I love (anything with Caroline Quentin!). And I knitted another 4 inches on my scarf project. We do take pleasure from little things eh :)

  2. hello mrs c! monday morning??! euch! it sounds busy over there but am glad caroline quentin was involved!xx (the little things are the best)

  3. Love coffee out, need to do it more. This weekend I managed a boot fair (11am start - so civilised!) and we made our family portrait using lego mini figures :-)


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