Monday, 27 August 2012

leonora carrington

I am reading Leonora Carrington's book 'The Hearing Trumpet' and I love it! I started it and said to Bert that I was going to read everything she has ever written and biographies of her and art books and everything! I got all excited and was ready to buy them all and went on line and nothing is available! all her books are out of print (save for 'the hearing trumpet') and are therefore really expensive to buy. I was sad about this. Will someone write me a biography of Carrington?  I have managed to get a book on her paintings from the library.... here are some images of her work....

and here she is painting.

As well as being an amazing writer and painter she had the most fascinating life (she died in 2011 at the age of 94). She was born in England but spent most of her life in Mexico. She had an affair with Max Ernst when she was 19 and he was in his 40s, she spent time in an asylum in Madrid and was rescued from there by her nanny who arrived in a submarine. She later married Emericko Weisz and had two sons. Her work (the art and writing) is filled with animals, folkore, magick and surrealism.

What do you think? I am completely in love....

(all pictures from here)


  1. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had never heard of Leonora Carrington. She does sound like a fascinating woman. And her paintings are sort of spooky, but I like them. A bit of Max Ernst meets Hieronymus Bosch. The 3rd one down has a bit of a Renaissance fresco feel to it, too. Very cool!

  2. I always feel a bit dense around your reading choices, you must broaden my horizons from constant novel reading (and at the moment I'm mostly reading trash!). I've never heard of her either, but I will keep my eyes open for any books on her for you.

    Congrats on the new header Mrs - I wondered if you'd change it!

  3. That artwork is incredible. Such a shame those books are out of print!

  4. I'm sure I've heard the name, but I've never seen or read her work. The illustrations are amazing and what an eventful life. I'll have to check her out at some point.

    Nikki x


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