Monday, 13 August 2012

quinoa burgers

Quinoa is my new best friend. Usually I just eat it with roasted vegetables but I was keen to try a quinoa type burger/pattie.
Am not sure the picture of my quinoa burgers above does them (or me) any justice but they were really tasty.

I made them by mixing some cooked quinoa, some chick peas, flour, baking powder, milk, no egg, fresh parsley and some scallions, red pepper and chilli (fried in sesame oil). It all held together pretty well, but just before frying I coated the burgers in nutritional yeast flakes.

As that recipe is a little vague you might want to check out these recipes instead! The first link from the vegan project are closest to what I made.

quinoa burgers by the vegan project
baked quinoa patties by 101 cookbooks
quinoa burgers by savvy vegetarian


  1. i keep meaning to try these! quinoa is supposed to be soooo good for you!

  2. I think they look yummy! I shall try this soon :p.


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