Saturday, 25 August 2012

tomatoes! (and other things I've been eating)

I cannot get enough of fresh tomatoes. I eat them every day....
the above is a tomato salad with dill, capers, olive oil, salt and pepper. It's delicious.

a light salad of pea shoots, fresh tomatoes (of course), sun dried tomatoes, capers and vegan parmesan. That vegan parmesan is divine and newly discovered by me and Bert (fine, bert found it), I've been eating it melted on toast too and it's great. It's made by Redwood, which you can buy in the Uk,  and is so good.

This is sweet potato and red pepper soup. It also has chilli and red onion in it and some smoked paprika and turmeric. When you make soup, do you cook all the ingredients a bit first in oil or butter, or do you just pop them all in a broth and cook them that way? I did it without the cooking in oil bit for this one and it tasted great.

this is oven baked pasta. cooked pasta mixed with peas and fresh parsley, roasted courgette and asparagus and covered with a vegan bechamel sauce.  hearty and delicious!

we pretty much always cook everything from scratch but now and again we do get a bit of ready made food. The above is vegan and gluten free mac n cheese made by amy's kitchen - it is really, really great. We had it with salad....


  1. Yum to everything!
    I love tomatoes! I have to have them everyday!
    I've never seen that parmesan! I'll have to have a look for it!
    Have a good weekend

  2. That all looks lovely! I love tomatoes, especially fresh in stuff like panzanella (which I really fancy now).

    We've tried a few Redwood things before, including most of their veggie meats - their Cheatin' Chorizo is fab and works a treat in A's vegan paella.

    We've never had anything from Amy's kitchen though. Will definitely give it a try if we see it.

    Nikki x

    1. ooo yes that chorizo is good! we have discovered some other vegan chorizo.... i have a photo and will post it soon! ha ha!

  3. i'm crazy for bechamel on all things <3 i'm starving now. haha.

  4. Everything looks so good and it's cool that you're eating so healthy! ^^

  5. Hi, I found your blog through someone else's blogroll (I can't recall whose). All these meals look yummy. I'm vegan and make most everything from scratch as well. I'll have to give your simple tomato salad a try. Have you had Vegusto vegan cheese? It's available via mail order in the UK. A bit pricey, but worth it.

    1. hi!! i am going to look for vegusto vegan cheese RIGHT NOW!!

  6. All these dishes look delish! :p

    Hope you have a great week, Sian! ;D


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