Sunday, 12 August 2012


this weekend has been a recovering weekend after a busy week (me) and being sick (bert). other than a little walk to feed minnie moon (our friend rhys's kitty) and a quick drink at chapter arts centre, we've been mainly inside cooking and eating (pasta al forno for dinner, scrambled tofu on toast for breakfast) watching 30 Rock and the food network, reading and pinning on pinterest.

instead of pictures from our quiet weekend, how about some images from my cute board on pinterest?
here goes

a vintage cat cushion... so wonderful.

a sweet japanese book cover....

best friends...

an adorable note from a teacher...

a bear drinking coffee... should bears even drink coffee?

ooo! bear buns!

a baby ewok...

and the moomins! the moomins are the best!
happy weekend


  1. Those bear buns are so cute Sian, I'd love to know how their clever creator went about making them. I love the teacher's note too x

  2. i just squealed so much more than grown man ever should. oh well :)


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