Sunday, 30 September 2012

books i read in september

this is what i read in september...
It was pretty heavy on graphic novels and I loved Chi's Sweet Home which was the cutest
book about a little kitten...I also loved Alison Bechdel's memoir (also a graphic novel) 'Are you my Mother'.
'reviews' for all the books I've read this month are over on goodreads ....

hello! we are back from san francisco...

We've been to San Francisco for a week. I adore San Francisco and this was my fifth (i think) visit and Bert's first. We had a wonderful time but are happy to be home even though we are still trying to get over jet lag....

this is what we did....

we stayed in The Red Victorian on Haight street

a little detail of the crochet headboard

and also stayed in this lovely flat thanks to our friends Nancy and Roy.

we had beer in Vesuvio's

we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in golden gate park
(i loved it in here)

this is inside the conservatory of flowers...

...and so is this. I took lots of pictures in here.
the light was beautiful and the plants were amazing.

we found out that Jesus loves us in the Mission.
the Mission is great - we loved 826 Valencia (a pirate supplies store and writing center set up by Dave Eggers), Dog Eared Books,  Aquarius Records, and Needles and Pens (a shop/gallery space selling zines, clothes and books).

we shopped for books...
in City Lights....

we also loved the Booksmith on the Haight.

ate lots of good vegan food.
the picture above is me in Herbivore.
we went there about five times...above I am eating mexican food, but our favourites were the sandwiches....

this is the ocean basket at a vegan chinese restaurant called Loving Hut.
it was REALLY good, tho I liked it a lot more than bert did....

I also had a pineapple drink with fresh mint....

and a fishless fish curry

we went to art galleries and museums.
the picture above is bert in the cafe at the De Young museum.
It's a wonderful art museum and had an exhibition on modernism when we were there.
we also went to SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) which is amazing and was showing a Cindy Sherman exhibition.  I would like to work there....

jelly fish at the Academy of Sciences

we walked a lot in the parks.
the weather was beautiful - sunny, but not too hot.

saw some pretty flowers in the park

we went to the The Beat Museum in North Beach. It has a good shop where I picked up a Vali Myers biog I'd been after for ages. The museum itself is kind of small and sweet (but doesn't cost much to go inside - so worth it!) it has lots of information (which if you are beaty you will probably already know) and also some nice objects such as Kerouac's jacket.
we went to Fort Point which is under the Golden Gate bridge....

...where there was a great art exhibition - these dresses are made out of crepe paper by Anandamayi Arnold.
for more information on the exhibition, go here

oh and drank coffee and ate pumpkin based foodstuffs, shopped (got some great stuff in Japantown),wondered around, read, listened to music and generally had the best time.
How have you all been?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

a holiday (and some outfits)

I am taking a little bit of a blog holiday.... and an actual holiday from work too.
Time to do lots of nice things before I go back to work and get ready for the business of autumn activities and halloween!
this is what I will be wearing....
thanks to jen for the heads up for these great dresses! they aren't expensive and are super soft.

this is a fantastic 70s cape and I love it.

If money were no object, I'd also be wearing....

this kimono from spanish moss shop....

just all of this outfit is great! especially that bag!
(image from here)

Love this outfit too - the skirt, the top, the boots, the tattoo, the snow!
image found here

these skirts by Mandy Pattullo are just gorgeous.
they are made out of old quilts....

I'm really surprised by Victoria Beckham's designs.
This dress has a beautiful cat print on it and I love the style.
You can get them here

and that's it for now! see you in October.x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

a new blanket

I've been feeling a bit worn out the last few weeks -but I just have to get through this week in work and then I have two weeks off! At the moment I just want to get under a blanket and read....
Luckily my Aunty made us a blanket as a wedding gift - look how great it is!
 It goes perfectly with the novel I've been reading - 'Little Miss Strange'
which is so wonderful and set in the early 1970s
The blanket came in a box which Sadie immediately claimed as hers.

Monday, 10 September 2012

weekend pictures...

I worked this weekend - there was a really lovely food festival at work.  I did a little craftivist workshop....and I made Bert come too.
some pictures from our jam lid sewing on the weekend.... starting with bert and his finished jam jar lid

some spot the veg and spot the food trails I drew for children....

 jam recipe....

Friday, 7 September 2012

ta dah! jam, facebook pages, twitter, craftivists.... phew

I made jam!
I have never made jam before... and am not sure I'll make it again... but it was all for a good cause! It's all part of the Craftivist Collective's summer summer jamming  project which I've already written about it here

here are some kits i've made up - a jam jar with a tomato jam recipe, fabric to embroider on and information about food issues.

and here's the jam! wow, jam making is long....
am not sure who to give my jam to yet - giving the jam away is part of the process and then the message will grow and grow!
I also started up a Cardiff Craftivist group! if you would like to join us I have started tweeting about it as @stitchcardiff and started a facebook page which maybe you could 'like'. We've got a few things lined up - stitching tomorrow and sunday in St Fagans: National History Museum and a couple of things in October too.
I'm linking up with Lakota's ta-dah tuesday even tho it's friday... was debating saving this until next tuesday...but it needed to be shared!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

sweet gifts

well, we weren't really expecting wedding gifts what with not having a big wedding, but look at these goodies!

vegan cupcakes with our names on!
they were from the lovely people I work with and they got us vouchers too.

beautiful vintage china from my cousin Sarah - thank you!
Rob Ryan plates from Bert's brother and family.

not only that, but my mum and dad paid for our plane tickets to San Francisco and bought us saucepans! thank you so much moms and pops!
Bert's mum paid for our hotel in San Francisco! thank you!!
my aunty and uncle gave us money and my aunty made a gorgeous crochet blanket (pictures to come soon!)
and my other aunty gave us money too!
thank you!!!
we have bought a himalayan salt lamp (yep) and a cd player too.
my sister (also a really good wedding witness) and her family gave us a gorgeous clock and two rubber ducks!
thank you!!
Two of bert's friends from work gave us vouchers for a really lovely deli in Cardiff! yay thanks Lucy and Sol!
a friend in work gave us a tea towel with lovespoons on it - it's so cute!
Our friend and witness Rhys gave us the cutest little hanging owl that you can put candles in.
we are super lucky and blessed.x


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