Saturday, 15 September 2012

a holiday (and some outfits)

I am taking a little bit of a blog holiday.... and an actual holiday from work too.
Time to do lots of nice things before I go back to work and get ready for the business of autumn activities and halloween!
this is what I will be wearing....
thanks to jen for the heads up for these great dresses! they aren't expensive and are super soft.

this is a fantastic 70s cape and I love it.

If money were no object, I'd also be wearing....

this kimono from spanish moss shop....

just all of this outfit is great! especially that bag!
(image from here)

Love this outfit too - the skirt, the top, the boots, the tattoo, the snow!
image found here

these skirts by Mandy Pattullo are just gorgeous.
they are made out of old quilts....

I'm really surprised by Victoria Beckham's designs.
This dress has a beautiful cat print on it and I love the style.
You can get them here

and that's it for now! see you in October.x


  1. Bye bye, have fun and see you in a few weeks! xo

  2. That cape is just perfect!
    And I've had my eye on that bag for a while!

  3. Lovely picks and that cape is a cracker! I don't follow Victoria's designs (or any fashion for that matter), but I'd never have put that dress down as being hers. It's really unusual and I love the print.

    Have a lovely break and see you soon

    Nikki x

  4. That cat bag is amazing! And I really like what Victoria Beckham is doing.

    Happy holidays! ;D Have a blast!

  5. Have some nice time off from the blog, it's very refreshing. I think I'm back now though. I can totally see you in that cape x

  6. Who'd have thought Posh would design such cute cat clothes! Have an ace time Sian :) xx

  7. I like the one gray cat with stars in the Victoria Beckham print dress. There's something very similar about all these clothes, they really give me a sense of your style. I like a lot of those Orla Kiely clothes, particularly the long sleeved t-shirts. I could see wearing them under a plain short puffy sleeve t-shirt.


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