Sunday, 30 September 2012

hello! we are back from san francisco...

We've been to San Francisco for a week. I adore San Francisco and this was my fifth (i think) visit and Bert's first. We had a wonderful time but are happy to be home even though we are still trying to get over jet lag....

this is what we did....

we stayed in The Red Victorian on Haight street

a little detail of the crochet headboard

and also stayed in this lovely flat thanks to our friends Nancy and Roy.

we had beer in Vesuvio's

we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in golden gate park
(i loved it in here)

this is inside the conservatory of flowers...

...and so is this. I took lots of pictures in here.
the light was beautiful and the plants were amazing.

we found out that Jesus loves us in the Mission.
the Mission is great - we loved 826 Valencia (a pirate supplies store and writing center set up by Dave Eggers), Dog Eared Books,  Aquarius Records, and Needles and Pens (a shop/gallery space selling zines, clothes and books).

we shopped for books...
in City Lights....

we also loved the Booksmith on the Haight.

ate lots of good vegan food.
the picture above is me in Herbivore.
we went there about five times...above I am eating mexican food, but our favourites were the sandwiches....

this is the ocean basket at a vegan chinese restaurant called Loving Hut.
it was REALLY good, tho I liked it a lot more than bert did....

I also had a pineapple drink with fresh mint....

and a fishless fish curry

we went to art galleries and museums.
the picture above is bert in the cafe at the De Young museum.
It's a wonderful art museum and had an exhibition on modernism when we were there.
we also went to SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) which is amazing and was showing a Cindy Sherman exhibition.  I would like to work there....

jelly fish at the Academy of Sciences

we walked a lot in the parks.
the weather was beautiful - sunny, but not too hot.

saw some pretty flowers in the park

we went to the The Beat Museum in North Beach. It has a good shop where I picked up a Vali Myers biog I'd been after for ages. The museum itself is kind of small and sweet (but doesn't cost much to go inside - so worth it!) it has lots of information (which if you are beaty you will probably already know) and also some nice objects such as Kerouac's jacket.
we went to Fort Point which is under the Golden Gate bridge....

...where there was a great art exhibition - these dresses are made out of crepe paper by Anandamayi Arnold.
for more information on the exhibition, go here

oh and drank coffee and ate pumpkin based foodstuffs, shopped (got some great stuff in Japantown),wondered around, read, listened to music and generally had the best time.
How have you all been?


  1. Well I don't just want to go visit there, I now want to live there! What an amazing stay you had. And looking very pretty in your Orla dress. Oh I'd love to go to all those bookshops. x

    1. thanks jen! i got another orla dress today!

  2. Wow, what an incredible place, seen through your eyes! ) And now I want a crocheted headboard like that SO BAD. I think we all will. Corchet along? ;-) I do hope you're back all refreshed and ready to enjoy Summer xoxo

    1. ha ha! yes! let's do a crochet along!

  3. It looks like you had a great time!
    I love all the photos! And the cape looks so cosy!
    The food looks yum too!
    There's a loving hut near us and we recently tried the fish burger, so good!

    1. i didn't realise they were in the uk! how exciting!

  4. omigosh! you were in the states?! next time visit the east coast :-) that hotel looks perfect!

  5. It looks absolutely amazing, hasn't done anything for my itch to travel in the States. NY first, but definitely SF as soon as I can. Love the crocheted headboard, and you two make the cutest couple!

    1. aw thanks!
      i love New York too and it's a much cheaper (and closer) flight.x

  6. Now I want to go to San Francisco! I was only there once, as a museum courier. I would definitely stay at the Red Victorian. Looks like you two were in 'The Flower Child' room. The Summer of Love room looks nice, too. What a perfect holiday -- beautiful weather, lots of museums, good vegan food, bookstores...
    Is that a Freudian slip/typo in your last paragraph? You 'wondered around'? Did you mean 'wandered'? I actually like 'wondered' better :) Seems to fit San Francisco.

    1. yes - a mistake! but i'll leave it! i think i stayed in the summer of love last time!

  7. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time, beautiful photos. Ah brings back memories, did you get to meet Sami? I want to go back! x

    1. hey amy! we did! so much fun. we didn't meet sami, but did spot her at the peace table chatting away one morning!


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