Sunday, 2 September 2012

sadie spots

Sadie likes sleeping on the sofa or on piles of blankets or in sunbeams. Recently she's got pretty keen on two new sleepy areas....

on a bag next to her bed.
you can probably see that we are keeping her food in her bed, but that's only because she has only slept in that bed once in the whole 4 years she's had it.

this is Sadie's lastest spot - on the top of the sofa - but only if there is an extra blanket up there.

here is sadie with her blue mouse.
blue mouse squeaks and drives sades wild.

and that's what sadie has been up to recently.


  1. What a great life Sadie has!

  2. Oh she's such a cutie. I love how cat's can get comfortable anywhere - such a skill.

    Nikki x

  3. Oh Sadie! I want to kiss your little nose!

  4. Sadie! What lovely sleeping spots you have.

  5. I love the way her little paws are tucked up in the last photo. I've taken in a friend's cat for a month while he moves house. What a coincidence -- I was just telling him about his cat's favorite sleeping spots in my place.


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