Saturday, 20 October 2012


I haven't done that much quilting recently, and last night I was thinking I must get back to it. I've got one quilt which just needs binding, a patchwork top that is finished but needs quilting (a bit of a big job that one, but one I must do!) and then about three or for others which are just the beginnnings of quilts.

Last night when I was thinking that I'd like to get back into it, I was thinking that I hadn't been doing anything craft wise at all... and then I realised that I'd been doing quite a lot of making - mainly cross stitch banners, and also planning lots of art and craft activities for work. Getting home from work I've just wanted to read and watch box sets with Bert...

Actually, the reading has been good.... The book in the photo above is called 'Knitting for Good' by Betsy Greer, and it talks about the importance of craft (not just knitting) in our lives, I haven't got that far into it yet, but any book that links craft with Riot Grrrl is fine by me.

Also, it's fine to have breaks right? I don't want any craft things I do at home to become a chore, I want them to be fun and relaxing.

Meanwhile, this afternoon there's another cross stitch banner making session... and maybe tomorrow I can get back to binding my quilt.x

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  1. Yes, it is good to have breaks from crafting. For me, it's always a tug between making things, blogging, and reading. Having just arrived in the U.K. for 7 weeks, I won't be able to make things, but will hopefully catch up on blogging and reading!
    The Besty Greer book sounds interesting. I've always wondered about the current craft revival and how it might parallel the craft revival of the 1970s.


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