Friday, 26 October 2012

some music we've been listening to recently....

I haven't really listened to the Magnetic Fields in a while, but the
wonderful Shelley sent me a copy and I very much like this song.
I like this song from Hunx and his Punx...
I like a song that incorporates a telephone conversation.

I bought Gabby La La's album when I was in San Francisco.
I love it.
it's cute and it's funny (my two favourite things in music)
Bert bought Ekstasis by Julia Holter the other day and we love it.
(he also bought Sophie Ellis-Bextor today but he's on his own there)

that's enough for now! what have you been listening too?x


  1. i really only listen to music posts when you do them. always so good! hunx got really super good! kinda makes me miss gravy train a little.

  2. oh! i listen to yours too (blush)

  3. I am mostly listening to 'Gangnam Style' (still). Mainly because Boy2 loves it and requests it constantly on YouTube. I indulge him as seeing a 4 year old leap about to Korean pop is unfailingly hilarious.


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