Saturday, 3 November 2012

books read in october...

well, october has been a bit excessive reading wise...
am not sure how this happened.
my favourites were the Vali Myers biography, The Replacement (which was a teen fairy kinda thing), Knitting for Good and Chi's Sweet Home (of course! these books are the cutest).
Every year Bert and I agree to read a classic (which we class as anything over a hundred years old). Bert reads his sometime around spring (and probably more than one) whereas I forget about the whole thing and start to panic round about October. So, Candide was picked because it was quite short and because Rory read it on Gilmore Girls. I didn't like it, it was quite the romp and i'm not the rompy sort. I feel bad (and an idiot) for not liking Candide... but the Chris Ware cover is great.
are you reading anything good?x

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  1. No, I'm SO lowbrow at the moment - just living on fan!

    I did read Fallen by Lauren Kate - I see she gave an endorsement on that fairy one - God it was bloody awful. Quick to read despite being quite weighty but it was a rip off of Twilight with a garbled biblical background.


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