Sunday, 25 November 2012

easy vegan chocolate bundt cake

We started Christmas shopping this weekend.
We even set the alarm early on saturday morning
so we could get to town before the rain and the rugby.
It made me feel quite Christmassy...
as well as gifts for other people, I also got a bundt cake pan and a few
other goodies from the kitchen shop
(one of which was a sugar shaker which I used to sift the sugar on top of my cake - amazing!)

So, I was pretty excited to make a bundt cake.
My parents are coming to dinner in a couple of weeks - it happens to fall on the winter solstice so I thought it should be a bit festive.
I didn't want to try out my bundt cake on them though - you have to test it first right??

I used this recipe from Joy the Baker and it was so easy!
I have no idea how this cake tastes but I love how it looks.

oh, I really wanted a bundt pan that had trees on it like this.....
but it was three times the price of  a plain pan....
linking up with Lakota's ta-dah tuesday because am feeling pretty ta-dahy about my cake.


  1. It looks brilliant! And I'm sure it will be delicious too. x

  2. jealous! i'm still afraid of vegan baking.

  3. Aha, Nigella is making a cake in that tree pan this week - again! I swear they play that series every year, seen it at least three times before.
    Christmas pud works a treat for vegans, just sub oil for butter and soy or rice milk for milk. But oh that choc bundt looks soooo delicious!!! :)

  4. that nigella can afford all the bundt pans she wants!! it tasted really good and was really easy to make! i'm making it again!!

  5. That bundt cake looks like a veritable winter wonderland with all that shaken sugar. Very fancy!

  6. Looks lovely - bet it tastes fab. I like it plain with sugar snow. Wouldn't bits of the cake would get stuck in all those trees the fancy pan has? Anyway, it would if I did it.

  7. It looks bloody gorgeous! Sorry it took me an AGE to check all these ta-dah posts out!


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