Sunday, 4 November 2012

favourite things

these are some things i've come across over the last couple of days... some of them are pretty, some of them I might just have to have and some things are funny.

look at this cushion! it's so beautiful and reminds me a bit of Hockney's dog paintings.
You can buy it here although at £159.00 it's a little out of my league.

this is Vivienne Westwood's house, doesn't it look gorgeous and cosy?
she says it's full of books too. ah viv.
I read about it here

i do like this bed linen and may have to buy it.
it's from ikea and comes in this brown colourway or in purple.

Roger Clarke was being interviewed on the radio the other morning when I was driving to work and his book sounds fascinating.
He talked about how the middle classes generally don't believe in ghosts - it's mainly the working classes or the upper classes who do.... he also talked about how in Victorian times ghosts were usually dressed in black (in the fashion of the period), whereas now they are usually seen dressed in white (or at least I think that's what he said, I was on my work to work and I was sleepy).
I definitely want to read this.

I went Urban Decay make up shopping the other day and somehow got into an awkward makeover situation which led to me spending A LOT on make up.
I did get this foundation though which is AMAZING.....
(and I also got six eyeliners and lipgloss)

Lakota took part in a retro cook off and made cod in custard....
her blog post about making it made me laugh out loud.

that's it for now - I have a day off and am staying in my pjs, reading a Daniel Handler book and watching the food network. that is all.


  1. That book sounds really interesting!
    Off to check it out
    Have a lovely pj day

  2. hmm...good collection....for bathroom and Kitchen furniture you can Click here


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