Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween... (a little late)

Halloween was busy for me as it falls in a school holiday when I run art activities and we also had Halloween Nights at work so this picture is of me just when I got home at about 9.30 at night after being at work since 9am. I've got rained on too after watching the wicker man being set on fire...
I am dressed as little dead riding hood.
You can't really see much of the outfit here, but it had a long black skirt with a skull shaped apron and a corset thing on top with a red cape. It was not super comfortable.

We did have a Halloween dinner the weekend before Halloween....
we had vegan chicken and sweetcorn pie which had a little halloweeny face.

After I'd made the pie I realised that the pie tin provided ears! aw.

we ate it with stwmp naw rhyw (which I wrote about last year right here)
It's hard to take a good picture of mash....

we washed it all down with Hobgoblin unofficial Halloween beer.
we didn't have time to even carve our pumpkins! or watch our halloween movies!
wah. we'll do it another time instead.

(I'm linking up with wooooo wednesday too)


  1. Aw, poor dead on her feet Riding Hood! You look cute though, great idea for a costume. Love the jack o lantern pie too, might have to make something similar next year.

  2. Hello swap partner :)

    I love your little pie (with ears!)

    (please can you let me know if there's anything you really wouldn't like to get/wouldn't use/are allergic to in the swap...surprises are awesome but I'd hate to get you something useless! - at least I've got the vegan bit down!)

  3. You look cute!
    And I love the pie!
    And stwmp naw rhyw?!!
    I've never heard of it (bad Welsh person) But Mash Heaven!
    I firmly believe mash is the perfect comfort food!


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