Sunday, 23 December 2012

around the house... nearly christmas...

this is me! pretty happy! you'd never guess from this that i had the snuffles and a blocked ear!
bravely i go on.
poor bert is in work... he only has two days off for christmas, so I've been doing the shopping and cooking.

I also made vanilla cupcakes for the winter solstice....

and chocolate bundt cake
a little christmas scene on top of our dvd player...
our amazing himalayan salt lamp which we put on everyday - it's so beautiful!

a sleeping sadie.
she's not sleeping now tho... she keeps burrowing into things and sniffing at all the presents.
she's trouble.

i took part in a christmas swap - this is one of the gorgeous things i got...
will do a proper post about it soon.

Bert picked up these amazing curtains. they look about more or less the right size for our kitchen.
I think making curtains is a bit beyond me, so am going to enlist my aunt for that one.

and a cute owl mug!
the last thing we need are new mugs, but when they are this cute...


  1. my gosh! it's amazing how similar our tastes are! i really want one of those salt lamps!

    1. hee! you NEED a salt lamp - they do magic things apparently.

  2. You're looking fresh and pretty! Love how neat and professional your baking looks!
    I want that lamp, I LOVE the curtains and the festive scene and owl mug. Sadie is showing you how it's done - take her lead for a couple of days.

    Looking forward to following your blog in 2013

    Merry Christmas

    Lucy x

    1. thank you lucy!! sadie does know how it's done - she also hides from any vistors we have... the owl mug is from next should you want one!! happy christmas to you too lovely!

  3. I love your snowflakes. We are putting them all over our Christmas table - the children will make them tomorrow before the family dinner. Yours are sooo beautiful, I shall have to examine closely to get cutting ideas.
    Merry Christmas to you and Bert! We also only get two days off but that's the joy of being self employed in our case xo

    1. i love making cut out snowflakes - i bought a book about how to make them, which sounds ridiculous but is possibly the best craft book i've ever bought!! merry christmas to you too!! i hope you're not too tired and enjoy your precious two days off!!

  4. I LOVE your owl mug! Nadolig Llawen! Xx

  5. I have that owl mug too! Except I use it as a vase...very amusing with sweet peas coming out of his head in the summer!!
    Anyway, thank you so much for my package...I can't wait to get started on my new book, and the snowflakes are lovely on my tree..I love getting embroidered stuff, it's a craft I can't do without wanting to stab myself with frustration!


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