Monday, 17 December 2012

christmas decorations and some tudor food.

I made a few felt decorations - the star is for bert, that's why it says 'bert' on it....
we were sewing these as part of the art activities in work... it's nice to have some sewing for older children and adults...

these images are from a couple of weeks ago when my friend sara was talking to visitors at the museum where we work about wintery foods from the Tudor period.

that's an orange tart on the right there...
she also made a rice pudding with suet. ew.
I just have a few more days of work until Christmas break.
I'm looking forward to cooking, reading, watching christmas movies and maybe some craft.
what have you been up to? making orange tarts maybe?
(also wanted to add that I met Anna from goldlion the other day in work - she came with her lovely daughter to make some christmassy things with us! her work is so beautiful - go and look at her blog!. )
am linking up with lakota too!


  1. i've been working my lil fingers to the bone making gifts! phew!

  2. I've just been at the gym again. Borrring! And forever re-sticking my paper decorations to the ceiling. Despite the fact they can't weigh more than a few grams they are constantly making a bid for freedom.

    I like your decorations, I've been slack and may not even get one new one finished for this year.


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