Saturday, 29 December 2012

new (to me) music

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re
Tea Time Ska
Rum Hee
Shugo Tokumaru

some new-to-me music!
the top one is from a cd that bert bought for me for christmas....
and the second one is what he nearly bought me for christmas... which I then went and bought anyway.
well, actually, I was so in love I bought two of his albums. As bert says (and other people online too), he's like a japanese Sufjan Stevens (which reminds me -did anyone buy the new sufjan album? it was sold out in our local record store.. but we have it on order).

but, back to Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re...
they are an all girl group from Japan
they are AMAZING!
and their lyrics are great too...
on Pregnant Fantasy (the cd I've got) they include notes to each song,
 here's the notes for 'Tea Time Ska':

'My boy-friend drops across my home for the first time. But, today is sunday.  My daddy stays home and meets my boy-friend!  I'm nervous all the day.  I make ready Japanese tea, which my daddy taught me how to prepare.
This song is about Japanese tea.  This song is about girl's love emotion. And, this song is about father's kindness to his daughter. Let's dance a ska! I shout Japanese popular teas in a loud voice.  For example, 'Nama-cha', 'Soukenbi-cha' and so on.'

from a little searching online both bands seem to be known in America... I'd never heard of either here in the UK though... do you know them? do you like them? do you know of any similar bands?
did you get any music in your christmas stocking?


  1. i didn't get any music, but i am loving Shugo! so good!

    1. what? no music? maybe you should treat yourself to some shugo!x

  2. Intriguing stuff! I've never heard anything like it. I may have to go find out more, thank you.
    I got a CD of Michelle Nicole, an Aussie jazz vocalist singing Mancini, with my big brother on guitar. I love that too. :)

    1. hi mrs c - i saw you got that cd on your blog - how is it? + so great that your brother is on it too!!

  3. Excellent stuff - I'd love a night at yours; eating, drinking, music and pimping at your book stash. Sadie may make me sneeze tho!

    I bought 808 State's Blueprint album as a gift to myself, I've played it on a loop incessantly.

    Lucy x


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