Sunday, 9 December 2012

sadie went to the vet.... but was ok and got excited about her advent calendar

Poor little Sadie... she had to go to the vet the other week as she had been scratching away and pulling out tufts of fur. Turned out she had a bit of a skin irritation/eczema type affair and an injection sorted her right out. It's lovely to have her back to normal as she was avoiding us and not wanting hugs and kisses! I know!

Now she's all snuggly and soft again! hurray!
I think it's helping that she has an advent calendar and gets some kitty treats every morning! it's the cutest thing shaking the advent calendar and seeing her run over for her treats!

also I very much enjoyed my vet experience. I've never been to the vet's before and it was fun. There were four other cats there apart from Sadie - one was called Sooty and he had a really fancy willow cat basket - I want one of those for Sades! there was also a huge dog who was the size of a small horse! he weiged 8 stone... he was having an operation on his eye... he was old and seemed pretty sweet.

and here's a pic of sadie thinking about christmas and dreamies... and maybe young men kitties....


  1. Aww! Poor little Sadie, it's so scary when they're ill
    Give her a cuddle from me!
    Sisco is addicted to dreamies, I call them cat crack! ha

  2. Sadie looks so much like Sisco in that photo
    I'd swear it was her!

  3. we've been to the vet farrrrr too much lately. it's so expensive!

  4. Poor lady poose! I'm so pleased it was easily taken care of and that she's back to her old smoochy self. Cats are divine. I couldn't imagine not having a meowy fur baby.

  5. My dog had a problem like that too! Shes got all her fur back now so shes good! Glad Sadie is okay :)


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