Saturday, 8 December 2012

to you

It's been a busy few days...

there have been cute donkeys. look at their ears!
there's been showing people how to make squishy stars and pom poms...
paper chains and tree decorations....
and cute little dolls courtesy of mrprintables
we put up our tree! and this morning wrapped all our gifts while listening to Sufjan Stevens and Bob Dylan Christmas songs.
ooo look! there's a sonny angel peeking behind a candy cane!
and another sonny angel basking in the glow of the fairy lights...
oh, and a little girl made me this card.
It says 'to you' on the front, and inside says
'fac you for the macin, i love't the makin'

I have another busy week coming up and then a little winding down time before the loveliness of christmas.
Are you busy shopping and making things?


  1. Aww lovely donkeys! They have fab ears!

  2. so jealous. we dont celebrate until finals are over. 3 more days!

  3. *Waves to Sian* Hi there, I am busy selling the things to make things for Christmas, and making things to show other people how to make things for Christmas, and baking things to share with people I love at Christmas. SO much fun!!
    Love the tree, and am very impressed you have all your shopping/making done!

  4. I LOVE the message inside that card! And donkeys, of course.


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