Monday, 31 December 2012

what we did in 2012

I am far too lazy to go through my blog and pick out the 'best posts' of the year... so these are the highlights and lowlights that i can remember.....
happy new year!!! thank you for being my blog buddies!
    not a good one of me but bert looks lovely and i was laughing because we were pretending to sign the register
    in the conservatory of flowers.
    visiting there was my most favourite thing we did in san francisco
  • getting married... me and bert got married in august with just two witnesses and it was nice.
  • going to san francisco - it was our honeymoon. we loved it. we bought books and cds , went to art galleries, walked in the park, wandered around and ate amazing vegan food and it was sunny and we wanted to stay there forever
  • staying with our gorgeous friends nancy and roy in san francisco and and also meeting up with  the equally wonderful tom, mike and kent
  • sadie-cat got a new bed
  • me and my friend Rhys met up for cups of tea/beer/movies
  • my friend got a new kidney! (that's a biggy right? it's only just happened too...)
  • we watched lots of great box sets - buffy, charmed, bored to death, ghost hunters, streets of san francisco, the rockford files (the last two are more bert)
  • i made cake and bought a bundt pan
  • my firends Jackie and Ben got married
  • did lots of craftivism type things
  • meeting up with our families, having my parents over for dinner and seeing my sweet nieces
  • sewed, cooked, ate, watched movies, listened to music and read

  • sadie-cat had some skin condition and had to go to the vet - no one enjoyed that (well, i enjoyed going to the vet as i hadn't been before, sadie was scared)
  • i had eustachian tube dysfunction a lot this year - it's actually just a blocked ear that kind of just needs to pop... every time i have a cold i get it. it makes me grumpy. i have it right now.
  • i read candide- i didn't like it
  • i also read 50 shades of grey, i didn't like that either
  • i had shingles. and i read 50 shades of grey while i had shingles
  • ergh - planetariums!! we tried to go to one in san francisco but i felt so claustrophobic in it i felt i was going to have a panic attack. i was AMAZED no one else felt the same. i lasted about five minutes.
and i can't think of anything else. all in all a good year I think you'll all agree.


  1. Aw, looks like you had a great year overall. Happy New Year!

  2. Have a lovely New Years Eve and I hope 2013 is full of love & laughter for you!
    Give Sadie a big kiss from me

  3. That's quite a year! Sorry to hear about the shingles. I had them a couple years ago. What a pain! Literally.
    Very sweet photo of Bert and Sadie.

  4. i love seeing pictures of you two together! the cutest couple ever.


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