Wednesday, 26 December 2012

what we wore - christmas day

hey! happy christmas!
we hope you had a good day!
this is what we wore on christmas day....
I look slightly crazed in this photo... but lets focus on my vintage crochet shawl!
Bert gave me it for Christmas and I love it so.
He bought it from Libertines Vintage
and he also bought me this gorgeous necklace.
I also wore a Roots and Feather necklace on our wedding day.
Laura (who makes these lovely necklaces) blogs here
that coffee has a dash of amaretto in....
my dress is from topshop but I can't find an image of it online....
bert is wearing his christmas gift too - a tshirt from balcony shirts 
that says 'Milton Keynes - City of Dreams' on it.
(and in case this makes no sense, milton keynes is a place in buckinghamshire,
about 45 miles north-west of london. I just googled that.
bert is from there... his parents moved there from Italy in the 1970s...
just in case you feel the need to know about bert's heritage)
his trousers are from Pop Boutique although they aren't listed on the website anymore
Sadie is wearing antlers


  1. Gorgeous darlikns! I wore a £1 M&S shift dress,leopard print tights from the 50p bin at Barnardos, Doc Marin biker boots from Ebay and a white faux fur. Oh, and Lancome red lips - never had fancy cosmetics before!

    1. sounds good! and everything looks amazing with fancy red lips!

  2. cutest family ever. i could cry. hope your christmas was amazing <3

  3. BTW. POP BOUTIQUE, where have you been all of my life?

    1. there's a possiblity that i linked to pop boutique just for you....x

  4. Very cute photos!
    Sadie looks so adorable! and I love your mug


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