Tuesday, 1 January 2013

a healthy new year and a lentil and chestnut pate

For most of the Christmas holidays it has been raining. every single day.
This rain (and having a cold) has meant that I haven't been out too much recently.  It's been nice doing nothing at home.
Today I woke up and I felt better! even my blocked ear was starting to pop, and... it wasn't raining anymore! it was sunny!! it felt like a new start.
I went for a walk in the park and also went grocery shopping to pick up some fresh food.

For january I am giving up alcohol (i'm not a huge drinker, but I do like a glass of wine...) and am also (inspired by Elisabeth) giving up sugar and just generally trying to eat more healthy foods and fresh foods.
I kind of thought I'd be fine with giving up sugar as I don't have a particualarly sweet tooth and as I'm vegan anyway don't really have much in the way of chocolate and sweet things. I do love to bake though and have made quite a few vegan cakes recently.
but. sugar is in EVERYTHING!! even my usual soya milk, in ketchup, in lots of the meat replacement foods, in my vegan mayo (i didn't see that one coming) and just a million other things. so am sure I am eating quite a bit of sugar without even realising it.
so today was the first day sans sugar. i started my day with my usual tea with milk (but ykno, not the yummy milk but the unsweetend one), and brown toast with olive oil and tomatoes for breakfast.
for lunch i had some baked kale chips (with nutritional yeast flakes, salt and olive oil) and a wholewehat bagel with a homemade lentil and chestnut pate.
it's after 3pm now and i'm feeling ever so sleepy - am not sure if this is sugar withdrawal or just general sleepiness....
will let you know how it goes. am planning on doing it for a month and then to continue it I feel like it.
any tips?

here's how to make the lentil and chestnut pate.

fry a red onion until soft and then add some chopped chestnuts.
add smoked paprika, dried sage and nuritional yeast flakes.
boil red lentils and a chopped sweet potato until cooked and then add them to the mix.
add a dash of red wine vinegar and season.
blend until smooth and chill until ready to eat.


  1. I survived on very little sugar when I did the low carb diet. After 4 days you don't feel so sluggish, after a fortnight you've never felt better, and sugar tastes like poison! Be strong. Lots of peppermint tea and Brazil nuts.

    1. thanks lucy!! turned out that that brown bagel had some sugar in!! argh!!
      am excited now about day five... and will go and buy brazil nuts directly... and peppermint tea.xx happy new year lovely!

  2. I cut out caffeine a few years back and for about 3 days I felt so sleepy and had awful headaches
    but I was ok after.
    Next week I'm going to eat totally raw for about 3 days. I was so ill in Dec with a viral infection and had to take 2 doses of antibiotics! It's left me feeling a bit crappy, so hopefully I'll feel better after that.
    Hope you feel better soon


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