Sunday, 13 January 2013

around the house

we live in a small flat and we have a lot of things... and i'm not very tidy.
bert had a week off and made everything beautiful.


  1. I think you're flat looks cute!
    I'm not very tidy either, luckily Paul is!
    Thanks god for men and their cleaning skills! ;)
    Hope you're having a good weekend & kisses to Sadie

  2. I used to live in a small flat when I was in Glasgow and the kitchen was even tiny with our pots and pans hangign from the window curtain rail and the ceiling, so I empathise - still I think your place looks very homely. Very Happy New Year to you and your Bert - can't remember if I wished you both Congratulation on getting married in total style. If you get a chance to come into Newport, come and say Hi - I am currently working as cook at Hunky Dorys.

  3. you are!!??? i love hunky dorys!! i like the mushroom burger... is that still on the menu?? i used to work in newport so went there quite a bit... i must swing by!xx thanks for the congrats too and happy new year to you.x

    1. :) Menu has changed dramatically since I took over. It closed in March and I re-opened in partnership with current owners in the Summer. My burger recipes change regularly - last week we had Aloo Chaat Masala Burger and Garlic Mushrooms, next week it will be Bombay Sweet Potato Burgers - a little bit spicy, but there will be plenty of other vegan options, inc. cake!

    2. well that all sounds delish!! i will definitely vist.xx

  4. haha. somebody gave me a sack of those baby things for christmas.

  5. Your house looks like a really lovely place. But that Nocturne book freaked me out and I had to give it to the charity shop as it was watching me from the shelf. X


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