Saturday, 12 January 2013

christmas swap

I have been meaning to post about the christmas swap since, well, christmas... but i keep forgetting to take photographs... and it's so dark this winter (and has also been super rainy and gray) that the photo taking opportunities are slim. But finally I have taken a picture! so here goes....

The lovely Lakota organised a swap  and I got paired with Sooz from last biscuit whose blog I hadn't read before (now it is a firm favourite) and who I had quite a lot in common - books, sewing and veganism to name just three.  Sooz sent me these....
 isn't that great?
A book, a brooch, some totally wonderful glasses and a crocheted shawl! 
I loved all of these things so much! 
I struggled a little with buying things for Sooz as I was trying to stick with a snowflake blue and white theme... and couldn't find quite what I wanted... you can see what I got her here as I also forgot to take photos before I sent them! argh, I was not on form in December.

thank you sooz!! and Lakota for organising the swap!


  1. i haven't done a swap in ages. i'm goona go swing over to craftster now!

  2. I'm so glad you liked what I sent...I loved what I got too! Thank you!

  3. What a fab idea initiated by Lakota and what a great swap for both of you. The shawl is lovely and that cat brooch, does get lost on the book - so pleased you had to little arrow :)

  4. Hooray, I thought you'd get on. Love those glasses so much!


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