Wednesday, 9 January 2013

coffee and cake

coffe and cake is the best combino. fact.*

'It was in the fall of 1915 that I decided not to use any color until I couldn't get along without it and I believe it was June until I needed blue.' Georgia O'Keefe

an unrelated quote, but great nonetheless

*tho that picture was in the heady sugar free december days....


  1. that mug is amazing!
    And now I want some cake! ha

  2. The quilting and craft clubs sound fab! When are they? X

  3. hurray!! here's my work email -
    and i can give you all the details! the next quilting is march 2nd.x

  4. Great quote.. I often find myself without colour (I'm an ardent black grey and white fan) but then find colour will jump out at me when I least expect it! And blue is a good one to start with! X


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