Sunday, 27 January 2013

new dress...

is it summer yet?
i've just ordered this dress from here and i'm pretty excited about it.
did you know i was mexican in a previous life? yep. it's true.
i think this dress, my 70s crochet shawl, cowboy boots and a festival and i'm all set!

do i need to say it's not me in this picture? i'm not this cute.


  1. I loooove it!!! Summer should come here soon!

  2. Thanks to this post I have just bought the faded navy blue one! Love your grey - it's gorgeous. I'll wear mine with clogs in Summer and tights and boots in Winter. I've been on the hunt for ages but always too expensive here, so thanks v.much again for showing-off yours on your blog Sian x

    1. Have you received yours yet Sian? Mine seems to be taking a looooong time to arrive!

    2. hi kylie! i've got mine! i got it a week or so ago... tho perhaps i ordered it a bit before you? it's bigger and longer than i thought tho i do love it. hope you get yours soon!x

    3. Thanks for letting me know Sian, glad I got a small it as nice as you hoped it would be? I hope so.

  3. glad you all like it! kylie? we're going to look the coolest this summmer...

  4. You better not come anywhere near me wearing that, otherwise iwill send you home naked - yes, the dress is beautiful. YOU must model it for us. Can't wait for the sun to start shining and it to stop pishing (can you tell I lived in Scotland?!)


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