Monday, 21 January 2013

snow days

are we all sick of snow pictures yet?
here are some more....
these were taken at work on Saturday.
I took Friday off as it was so snowy and I didn't want to drive in it, but I worked the weekend.
it was an all time record for me on the Saturday - I didn't see any children at all for my art and craft activities!! Sunday was a little busier but still quiet. 
hey! there's a little robin!
Lots of people who visited where I work just went out for a walk in the snow and then warmed up in the cafe. It's still cold here in Cardiff and snowing a little as I type.
This morning it's a little bit of working from home for me. I'm reading the blog and the book  
imagine childhood this morning for new ideas.


  1. I love that Robin!
    So cute!!

  2. These are lovely - I'm not tired of snow photos at all!

  3. I'm so jealous. I live in Boston, where these types of winter wonderland images used to be the norm. We haven't gotten one decent snowstorm this winter.

  4. my gosh! all we've gotten is a little coating. so jealous!


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