Sunday, 6 January 2013

umeboshi umeboshi

I've wanted to try umeboshi plums since i read a novel called suite scarlett  by Maureen Johnson, as a character in that eats them ( i think it's that one anyway...)
Later I read more about them in Alicia Silverstone's book A Kind Life, and she also writes about them here
(the photo above is also from her website).So I was determined to try them... thwarted only by the fact that they are really I kind of forgot about them for a while.
but you know how i've got this great husband who buys me treats? he got me some umeboshi plums. they are amazing in a strange way. they are really sour and salty and pickled. they are meant to be good for your digestion or if you have a hangover or if you've indulged in too much sugar. They taste really strong so if you cook with them you may only need to use half a plum... and you can just mix them with rice, or eat with a cup of green tea (i have done a lot of research about this by asking a japanese friend on facebook), so far i've just had them on their own and they are strange and sort of wonderful.


  1. I've never heard of them, but I love the fact that Bert tracked them down for you! He's a keeper. Where did he find them though? x

    1. hi jen! he got them in our local health food store, the ones he got were sanchi organic ones in a 150g tub which cost £6.99... i noticed that they sell them on amazon though!

  2. Replies
    1. i know! i just like saying it over and over again! umeboshi umeboshi umeboshi.x

  3. i saw your post on FB and i was curious what they were all about. we don't get many exotic fruits around these parts, but ill keep an eye out.

  4. Hi, Sian! How are you? Gosh, I had totally forgotten umeboshi! Belonging to a Japanese family, I'm used to seeing them in the fridge, but I never truly liked them as a child. Maybe I can give them another try, who knows.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2013! :D



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